Norwegian Prime Minister Advocates Gay Marriage at Churches in Norway

Last week, Church Council of Norway ruled that gays should not be allowed to marry at church. 

Social media and political arenas has been dominated by heated debates about the decision of the council last week. Now, Prime Minister Erna Solberg jins the debate.

Talking to NRK, Erna solberg says that she respects the decision but personally advocates the free marriage at church. 

–  But as Prime Minister, I do not express my private opinion in public. We have separated church and state, and then I have to respect the church who make its own decisions, says Solberg. 

She also noted that to opt out of the church is not the right way to show your disaggrement with the church.

– The best way to influence is to participate in the next church elections. Ask critical questions to the candidates. One must participate in the process and should not just sign off, she said.

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