Separate Marriage Liturgy for Gay Couples Rejected in Norway

Prior to the vote, there was a long, heated discussion about marriage understanding from an evangelical Lutheran perspective. Many of the speakers pointed out that they can not support an option recognizing marriage between same-sex, as they believe the marriage is an institution between a man and a woman, writes VG.

On the other hand, some advocated that it is inappropriate to tell what they have done is wrong at the church door after they get happily married and stepped out of the courthouse.

The 116 delegates were to vote two options. They started with what is considered the most radical first, to introduce a separate marriage liturgy for same-sex couples.

Then they will vote on the options with which same-sex couples can get church blessing after having married at a courthouse.

If this proposal cannot receive majority of the votes, the current practice will be maintained.

Currently, same-sex couples can get a prayer in the church after the marriage is concluded, but this intercession has no liturgy and should not be confused with a marriage. It is up to the individual priest to provide this service to gay couples.

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