Norway Calls for New Measures against Climate Change

-Drought, floods and other effects of climate change will have wider consequences than we have been aware of. We must both reduce emissions and adapt to climate change, says Climate and Environment Minister Tine Sundtoft.

The progress report was presented on 31 March and examines the effects of climate change on nature and society both globally and regionally. It also examines how the effects can be reduced through new meaasures and emissions reductions. Behind the report, there is a comprehensive effort from scientists and experts. Also, Norwegian researchers have made important contributions.

-Climate policy must be based on science. This report is another milestone in the global climate efforts. It provides the most complete picture that has ever been shown by the effects of climate change and how we can reduce them, says Sundtoft.

The progress report shows that food production in agriculture will be reduced in many parts of the world. It will be felt already in the next few decades.

-In many areas, access to food and water is scarce while there are more and more people on earth. The consequences of flooding will increase in several places. This can provide more climate refugees and increased risk of conflict. But the good news from the report is that we can still do something. We can reduce the risk of dangerous climate change, both by adapting and reducing emissions. We need to do it faster than today, says Sundtoft.

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