18-year-old Norwegian Attracts Attention of International Media with His McDonald’s Tattoo

Ytterdahl told local newspaper Romerikes Blad that his friends wanted to punish him for being a ladies’ man and demanded a tattoo of Barbie on his bottom or a McDonald’s receipt on his arm. He then chose the latter. 

A tattoo artist from Sabelink Tattoo posted the photo on the store’s Facebook page, calling it “my weirdest tattoo ever.”

The tattoo includes the purchase of a cheeseburger for NOK 36  and a “Happy Cheese” for NOK 35, a 0.5 lt colafor NOK 25, some toppings and also a “Nonstop Flurry”, in total for a total of NOK 143 (24 USD).

After the news appeared on the international media, young Norwegian has suddenly become very popular. Talking to Norwegian newspaper VG, Ytterdahl said he had to turn off his phone last night because of enormous calls and messages.

– It’s fun now, but I do not know how it will be fifty years later, says Stian adding “but I can tell my grandchildren where I ate my dinners. And so we can compare prices”, laughing 18-year-old.

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