Free Parking for Obese Has a Long History in Norway

NRK writes that there is no data for why this practice was introduced, Bymiljøetaten can only remember a few cases in practice.

– People with obesity problem have trouble to move and should get facilitation, such as handicap parking permit, just to be able to participate in everyday life easily, says the head of Landsforeningen for overvektige (the National Association for the Obese) Jørgen Foss to NRK.

– I find that many people associate obesity with laziness or regular overweight problem. Many would think that “why should obese people have this kind of good?” But it’s about the ability to freely move in the society, he said.

According to the website of the association, it is not enough to be overweight to have access to free parking. It must be proved that it is related to health problems and leads to complications, such as cardiovascular diseases or disorders.

Foss also stated that it is not about to give rewards to people with weight problems. He believes that the strong reactions made in England, is about stigmatization of the overweight people.

It is not a reward. Anyone who has a handicap should be favored to actively participate in social life without hindrance. The reactions from people show just how stigmatized group obese people are, says he. 

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