Norway to Give Back Teachers Their Prestigous Position

For the fifth year in a row, the Ministry of Education has started a campaign, which aims to increase recruitment in the teaching profession and raise the status of teachers.

Several years of recruitment campaigns and active talk on the teacher’s role by politicians and other stakeholders seem to have helped. In recent years, there is no other study program that has such a strong growth of interest than teacher education. 


An Attractive Profession for Young People

Moreover, a survey by Norstat shows that the attractiveness and status of the profession have increased dramatically in the last five years. Today 15 percent more of young applicants answers “yes” or “maybe” to the question whether they would like to be a teacher compared to five years ago (a total of 68 per cent against 53 per cent previously).

The survey also shows that more and more men find teaching profession attractive. While only 10 percent of men found the profession attractive in 2009, today 23 percent of men said they think the teaching profession is attractive.

Minister of education Thorbjorn Røe Isaksen is pleased with the development and says his goal is to make the teaching profession one of society’s most prestigious professions.

– Our aim in the long term is to get the best students to apply to teacher education. Not so many decades ago, the doctor and the teacher were the two most prominent positions in the society. I want the teacher to resume this position, says Isaksen.


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