OECD: Norwegian Men Do Most Housework

Having compared statistics from most of the 34 member states on how much time men and women spend on unpaid work, OECD concludes that women are slowly starting to catch up men since many now have their own careers.

But there is still a huge gap between men and women when it comes to unpaid daily tasks. Men in many countries are not willing to lift their finger in houseworks, writes a press release from the OECD. 

Accordingly, Turkish women spend the most time on unpaid work such as housework. They spend 377 minutes per day, while Turkish men spend 116 minutes.

The least helpful ones are Japanese men using 62 minutes of work at home per day, while their wives use 300 minutes.

On the other hand, Norwegian men use up 180 minutes per day on such works, whic is quite similar to Norwegian women who spend 210 minutes.

Another area the Norwegian women are enjoying is the large amount of time for leisure activities. OECD found that Norwegian women spend 367 minutes per day on leisure activities such as rest and entertainment, a little more than British women with 339 minutes.

OECD statistics are based on interviews with up to 20,000 people.

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