Social Study Test to Be Introduced for Immigrants in Norway

Minister Solveig Horne wants all immigrants to pass the test before they can become Norwegian citizens.  The test will be based on the mandatory civics test to be launched this month. 

Immigrants will have to answer the questions about topics such as marriage, welfare service and child rearing. Horne believes it is important for future Norwegian residents to take the test.

– When you want to stay in a country, and also become a citizen, you must know some basic things about the country you will be staying in. If you come to Norway, and have participated in the induction program, you should be able to answer the questions, she says. 

While the proposal created a discussion, Norwegian daily VG tried the test on the minister Solveig by asking 34 questions in the test. The inclusion minister failed to answer two questions.

For the question on when Norway became a free and independent country, Horne chose 1814 instead of the correct 1905. 

The minister also believed that industry and manufacturing sectors employ the most Norwegians. The correct answer is trade and service sector. 

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