FRP to Cut Child Benefit, If Children Do not Learn Proper Norwegian

The party’s Oslo organization wants to restrict children from watching TV channels from their home countries. The party also wants to cut child benefit or to introduce the possibility of taking away the children from parents who refuse to follow orders.

Today FRP delivers a number of suggestions to Oslo City Council to improve the integration of the capital.

– We can no longer sit quietly and watch the Norwegian children born of Norwegian citizens cannot speak Norwegian properly. It is ignorance, and ignorance has consequences, says the former leader of FrP, Carl I. Hagen to VG.

In the proposal suggesting to create a separate integration agency in Oslo, Hagen wishes that the agency will be notified if parents do not have a plan to teach the child Norwegian after birth. The agency should also have full control over the families, and use the threat of cutting child benefit as a means of getting families to obey the agency’s requirements.

Hagen also believes that they must put more specific requirements for immigrant families. Among other things, forbidding immigrant children to watch TV channels from their home country.

Conservatives are Skeptical

The other member of the coalition government, Høyre (Conservatives) group leader Øystein Sundelin is not particularly enthusiastic about Hagen’s proposal.

– People should get the benefits they are entitled to, but determining social security money based on the television program kids are watching is something which I am extremely skeptical of, says Sundelin.

Arbeiderpartiets (Labour party) immigration spokesman, Helga Pedersen also opposes the proposal  and suggests that FRP’s integration policy is inconsistent.

Talking About Medication Costs Yields Rewards

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