Breivik Threatens Hunger Strike on a New PlayStation 3 Console

In a letter to the international news agency AFP, the mass murderer lists 12 new demands from the prison management. Among other things, he demands upgrade from a PlayStation 2 console to PlayStation 3 so to get more “adult games”. 

Furthermore, Breivik writes that he believes he is entitled to a “broader range of activities” than other inmates to compensate for sitting in isolation. He also wants doubled unemployment benefits so that he will cover postage costs for the letters he sends abroad, writes AFP. 

The mass murderer believes the prison conditions today violate European law. In the letter he describes the conditions in the prison as “torture-like” writes AFP. 

Acting head of the prison in Telemark prison department Skien, Karl Hillesland, says there is no hunger strikes in the prison right now. He also rejects to comment on whether they will fulfill Breivik’s demands if hunger strike happens. 




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