Postcard sent from Norway to Australia Delivered after 27 Years

The local Australian newspaper Ballina Shire Advocate writes the long shipping time meets the requirement to be called snail mail.

– It’s not possible the mail can take 27 years to Australia, says Communication Director Elisabeth Gjølme at Posten to BergensAvisen.

She says it’s very rare to meet such cases, and for this specific case, she has no explanation, but the following theory:

– It is impossible to explain what really happened at first, but later we managed to figure it out. It might be associated with a rebuilding. Then the letter or postcard fell into a crack or behind a shelf, and then it suddenly popped up when the office moved, says Gjølme.

It was 89-year-old Eileen Parry town Ballina in New South Wales in Australia who received the postcard. The card was sent by her daughter in law Pauline Chiarelli.

– My daughter in law Pauline had addressed postcard to both my husband and me. She wrote that she hoped we were well. But my husband died 15 years ago, says Eileen Parry to the local newspaper.

She afterward figured out something was wrong with the postcard, especially since her daughter in law has not been to Bergen for the past 27 years. Eileen phoned her son, Roger, in Newcastle, and the message was passed along the line that Pauline was in Bergen, Norway, where the postcard was sent way back in 1987.

We’re not sure what life in Bergen is like in 2014, but Pauline reports to Ballina Shire Advocate that, back in 1987, a beer cost $10 and a phone call home cost $50 for three minutes.

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