Winter Olympics Challenge Working Life in Norway

According to a survey, one in three Norwegians watch the Olympics during working hours , and the Norwegian employers watch more of the Olympics than their employees, reports NTB. Staffing agency Top Temp states that the employees can have a good conscience when watching the games at work, since their boss are doing the same. However, the investigation shows over half of the managers do not think it’s okay to use working time for watching the Olympics.

One example is that the Oslo’s mayor Fabian Stang insisted that the employees of the municipality should not see Olympics on television during working hours.

“Yes, we are going to have to be a little strict. We have a job to do for those who need us and we need to set limits”,said Stang to VG. 

“Olympics come only every four years . And especially the Winter Olympics is an event that touches the Norwegian national character… I do not think it is wise for employers to be as firm as the Mayor of Oslo. Of course , one should not let the Olympics affect citizens’ welfare , but here one must strive to find solutions in both public and private companies” , says labor union LO’s leader Gerd Kristiansen.

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