Ten Years Old Boy Drove Family Car to Visit Grandmother in Norway

According to Oppland Arbeiderblad’s report, the kids took the family car, while their parents were sleeping. The boy drove around 11 kilometers, before the drive ended in a ditch by Nordsinni church, on the west of Dokka. 

Snow plow driver Bjorn Hagen was the first to come to the place after the boy had run off the road. 

– I was out of snowplow and saw a small boy standing and waving beside the car, says Hagen. 

Then Hagen called both police and colleague Harald Storsveen. Together they secured the car, which was partially in the wrong lane after attempting a left turn. 

The boy said that they were going to visit his grandmother with his sister. 

– I tried to keep a dialogue with the boy, but he wanted me to tow the car to continue driving. When I asked if he had a driving license he replied yes. He said he would run back and get it, before he drove to his grandmother in Valdres, says Storsveen to VG. 

The snow plow drivers called the father of the children and informed about where they were. 

– The boy seemed sharp, but he was terrified that his father would be angry, so we agreed that it would not result in any major reprisals. His mother had discovered that the kids were gone and called the police before they had time to call her, said he. 

– We have absolutely a horrid time. It can not be described, the mother said. 

The boy, according to the mother never drove a car before, but he sit on her lap and held the wheel. The car he was driving was a big one with automatic transmission.  

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