Norway’s New Agriculture Minister Wants More Pork at State Institutions

Norwegian meat industry is dissatisfied with that state institutions downsized the use of pork based on practical reasons. There is a growing proportion of the population with a Muslim background and this has led many to cut down the pork food from menus, according to managing director of Meat Industry Association, Bjørn-Ole Juul-Hansen.

– Our members feel that many public institutions, nurseries and catering in Norway often opt out of pork serving in the interests of a small minority, says Juul-Hansen to NRK.

There is not any official statistic or data about Juul-Hansen’s suggestion, but he believes the trend is clear, based on feedback from their members.

It is not possible that all kindergartens choose turkey sausage instead of pork sausage because it’s convenient. Children at kindergarten learn a negative attitude against eating pork. I mean it is wrong, says Juul-Hansen.

The meat industry is now calling for a clear strategy to ensure pork meat to be promoted in the Norwegian diet.

The Ministry of Agriculture Sylvi Listhaug says they will take the steps to support the pork industry. 

– We have eaten pork in Norway for years. It is completely wrong to stop pork because Muslims has arrived to Norway. Anyone who has responsibility for food in public institutions should consider to include pork on the menu, then they get rather ensure that those who do not eat pork get something else, says Listhaug.

On the other hand, Norwegian pig producers cooperative, Norsvin’s chairman Geir Heggheim finds Listhaug’s initiative groundless.

Heggheim supports Nortura proposal to pay for a portion swine farmers to discontinue production so that there is a balance between supply and demand for pork.

– Listhaug adds up to an unfortunate confrontation, and her standpoint is characterized by ignorance, says Heggheim.

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