Norwegian Senterpartiet Youth Branch Wants Ban on Tobacco Sale

They say in the proposal that they want to forbid selling tobacco to everyone born after 2000. Such a phase out of tobacco in Norway aims the prevention and reduction of tobacco use. 

Senterpartiet’s youth will no longer want Norwegian society to facilitate children’s smoking away their health, says Hanna Marte Vatnaland leader of the Sp youth branch in Rogaland.

Parliamentary representative for Senterpartiet in Rogaland, Geir Pollestad, states that today’s youth is far more reasonable than their parents when it comes to smoking.

–I think it’s a good proposal, and I will not disregards such a ban. The danger of prohibition is that it may lead to illegal trade and in principle adults should have equal rights, says Pollestad.

Mats Danielsen at Fremskrittspartiet (FrP)’s youth branch is wary about the proposal, and thinks that the proposal discriminates the smoking people. Danielsen fear that banning tobacco sales will cause those goods traded illegally. He thinks that the responsibility should be placed on the individual.

Senterpartiet will submit the proposal for consideration to Senterpartiet’s national board next weekend.

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