Flatanger after Fire


The fire at Sørnesset in Flatanger spreads towards the settlement. Storm and lack of snow in the area make the situation challenging for the fire fighters. The fire department in Nord-Trøndelag does not have complete control over the fire.

Talking to Aftenposten, the mayor of Flatanger confirmed that it has neitger been raining nor snowing in the area since before Christmas, so the ling is very dry. At the same, a strong breeze hits the region.

The fire started ca. 22:30 last night. The fire department thought that they had control over the fire at that time, but because of extremely dry ling and high winds, the fire spreads very fast. The fire has spread from one side of the mountain in Hasvåg in Nord-Trøndelag to the other side of the mountain.

– We have evacuated 20 to 25 residents from Hasvåg, Hårstad and Småværet. These are located on Drageid school camp in Osen municipality, says the mayor.

He is in contact with fire crews, but they struggle with communication due to poor mobile coverage in the area.

The fire spread on the peninsula Sørnesset. The fire department cannot get inside the buildings, writes

The fire department came in to Hasvåg, but had to quickly leave the place because of too much smoke and flames. Police and firefighters fear for the safety of the forces working on the peninsula.

Johnny Olsen, operation leader in Nord-Trøndelag police department says to NRK that they have sent helicopters to Hasvåg to try to extinguish the fire together with the local fire department.

Olsen comments that no lives are in danger at the moment, and that all of the civil inhabitants that were on the spot have been brought to safety.


They are still not sure why the fire started, but it is probably because of the high winds. The winds broke two power lines which merged together creating a spark. They have now connected the power off in the whole area.

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