More People Expelled from Norway Than Ever


The most common reason for expulsion in Norway was involvement of crime. The director of UDI, Frode Forfang believes that the reason why the number has risen is that the police have started to use expulsion as a measure in combating crime.

Record-breaking number

Speaking to NRK, Forfang says that today´s number is the highest of all time in Norway. He highlights the fact that the high number does not necessarily mean that Norwegian immigrants have become more criminal, but that the police have become better in handling with the crime problem.

Forfang also says that it is important to not let people who have committed crime in Norway back into the country again. EEA nationals are especially protected against expulsion from Norway, but they can still be expelled if they are considered a serious threat towards Norwegian security.

Afghanistan, Romania and Nigeria on top

Of the people expelled from Norway in 2013, most of them came from Afghanistan, Nigeria and Romania, but a lot of people have European background. Last year, 516 people originally from Afghanistan got expelled from Norway, 499 people from Romania, and over 1100 people from European countries.

Expulsion because of drug sale

Sale of drugs is a common reason why people get expelled from the country. Police director Hans Sverre Sjøvold is worried because he saw people coming to Norway only to sell drugs.

According to a report from the attorney of state in Oslo, most of the people who committed crime and expelled from Norway did not have a legal residence.

NDI director Forfang say that a lot of the people who have been expelled from Norway have returned back several times, but the penalty for returning back without permission has now increased considerably.

Nina Margareta Høie / TNP

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