Live Skiing Experience in Norway Better and Safer

Norway is a wonderland for skiers with its stunningly
beautiful vast array of mountains. The idea of exploring these beauties is
appealing for many who lives in or visit Norway but the Norwegian Trekking
Association warns the novel skiers for getting well prepared before dragging
into the excitement of the Norwegian nature.

The association especially emphasizes the importance of
getting dressed properly and having necessary equipments. First of all, it does
not have to be the latest fashion, but the clothes you are wearing during
skiing should protect you against snow and wind. The innermost layer should
keep the skin dry and provide insulation. So, you should choose wool garments
that fits snugly. The intermediate layer provides insulation and transport
moisture away from the body. They may be made of wool or fleece. The outer
garments must provide wind and moisture protection.

The following list is a suggestion of what you should bring
on an organized ski tour from cabin to cabin.

Wool socks, windproof mountain hooded jacket or anorak,
mountain ski trousers or wind proof trousers, woollen gloves and windproof
mittens, ski boots, skis (minimum 50 mm wide, with steel edges), strong
mountain ski poles with substantial basketsSturdy boots (leather), ski wax,
scraper, sun glasses, extra pair of socks, extra pair of gloves/mittens, and
extra woollen underwear.

What you take with you is also important to consider. A
loaded winter back pack should not weigh more then 14 kg. You should weigh your
back pack for control. Packing light is a key secret for a dafe and comforatble
skiing experience. In your bag, keeping a light repair kit, emergency ration
food (chocolate, raisins, nuts, etc.), emergency bivouac for mountaineers,
shovel, thermos and lunch packet, headlight/flashlight with extra batteries,
knife, and matches/lighter is necessary.

Following these small steps can ensure you a real Norwegian
skiing pleasure. Enjoy it.

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