Lærdal Fire Costs 100 Million; Police Still Investigates

Investigators from Kripos have already in place in Lærdalsøyri. Now they are waiting for further reinforcements before the investigation of the disaster fire is in full swing, reprots NTB.

The first NCIS crews arrived at Laerdal on Sunday night, and the rest of the investigation team joined them in the course of Monday, reported the police in the county. The local police ha previously asked both technical and tactical investigation assistance from Kripos.

The police so far have no idea how or why the fire started in Lærdalsøyri, which is one one of the worst fire disaster in modern Norwegian history.

On Sunday afternoon, Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Justice Minister Anders Anundsen traveled to fire-ravaged historical town. 

As a result of the disaster, 310 residents fled their homes. Also, 26 houses were burned down. The insurance industry estimates that the damage by the fierce fire in Laerdal can reach to 100 million NOK.

About Lærdal

Lærdal is a municipality in the southeastern part of Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. It is part of the traditional district of Sogn. The administrative center of the municipality is the village of Lærdalsøyri. The area of the municipality is 1,342 square kilometres (518 sq mi), half of it consists of mountain areas, the rest is valleys.
The valley of Lærdal is long, running from Hemsedal (Høgeloft mountain) and Filefjell mountain in the east to the Sognefjord in the west. About 1200 of the 2200 inhabitants live in the main area of Lærdalsøyri; the rest in the small villages Borgund, Ljøsne, Tønjum, Erdal, Vindedalen, Ytre Frønningen, and Strendene. The Old Lærdalsøyri village has 161 protected buildings. Some of the houses there date back to the mid-18th century. The old Filefjell Kongevegen road passes through Lærdal on its way to Valdres and later to Oslo.

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