Job Post for Only Ethnic Norwegians Stirs Debate in Norway

A job announcement, posted by ISS on the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service’s (NAV) web page, states that ISS Cleaning is looking for an employee to a cleaning position in Fåberg / Lillehammer area.. The client requires a security clearance and position is therefore possible only for ethnic Norwegian people.

Talking to TV2, communication advisor of the company, Jan Bjørneboe justifies  few contractors require security clearence for the personnel they hire. And he suggests it is difficult to obtain such clearence for non ethnic Norwegians.

Reminding non-ethnic Norwegians can work in Armed Forces and Police Security Service without such a problem, Staff Director at NAV service department Anne Lieungh regrets that a job with such wording was published on their websites. 

– That’s not supposed to happen and we are sorry for that. We will contact the employer and we want to remove this job posting from as quickly as possible, says Lieungh to TV 2

On Twitter account, NAV writes the following:  “Such things should not happen. We apologize and clean up.”

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