Get Ready for Meteor Storm Tonight

Astronomy buffs are looking forward meteor swarm “Quadrantidene” that reveals itself in the form of many small stars. 

– It is likely that we may see it on Friday at 20.30 in locations with clear weather, as it is currently registered in Bergen, Trondheim and northern Norway. It is a very intense meteor swarm, so look towards the north in the hours around 20-21, suggests the director in Norwegian Astronomical Society (NAS), Erik Sundheim. 

“Quadrantidene”  is a January meteor shower. The zenithal hourly rate of this shower can be as high as two other reliably rich meteor showers, the Perseids in August and the Geminids in December. Yet Quadrantid meteors are not seen as often as meteors in these other two showers, because the peak intensity is exceedingly sharp, sometimes lasting only hours.. 

Meteor swarm consists of very small gravel pieces that probably stems from the celestial body, which circulates around the sun. 

When particles are slowed down by the atmosphere, they warm the air around them. The heat is so high that they begin to glow as they burn up in the atmosphere. This can be seen from Earth as a glowing star. 

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