Norway Want More Migrant Workers

Prime Minister said to NTB that they must make Norway more attractive for highly skilled labor from other countries. She wants to introduce a fast-track processing of applications from experts and specialists from outside the EU and EEA. In addition, she will provide pre-approved companies the right to bypass the system.

While her coalition partner, Progress Party (FrP) wants to tighten the rules for labor immigration, Solberg keeps insisting on her proposal.

Immigrants accounted for two-thirds of employment growth in Norway between 2004 and 2012. However, in contrast to countries like the UK, only a small number of labor migrants with higher education come to Norway.

– Engineers come here too, but Norway is probably not the most attractive country to reach people with high education. Language is a natural obstacle, but much can be improved by making the procedure easier and faster, says Solberg.

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