Dagbladet: Norway Spies on Russia for NSA

An allegedly top secret document obtained by newspaper Dagbladet shows how the Norwegian Intelligence Service (PST) and the NSA had cooperated to spy on Russia.

In one of the memos published by the newspaper, access to Russian targets in the Kola Peninsula is noted. The named peninsula contains the highest concentration of nuclear weapons, reactors and facilities in Russia.

The document also reveals that NSA has been working in partnership with PST “to expand and deepen the intelligence exchange, focusing on report sharing and target development on Russian political, natural resources and energy issues”. The newspaper also writes that Russian politicians have been the intelligence operations, although no specific names are mentioned.

The document, classified “Top Secret,” is dated April 17, 2003, and is signed by a leading official at the NSA’s Norway Desk. 

The Norwegian government confirmed the authenticity of the document. Prime Minister Erna Solberg met the press at a semi-annual press conference today morning. 

We are not in alliance with Russia

– We have a lot of good cooperation with Russia but we are not in alliance with Russia, it is something I think everyone knows. Therefore, we are also concerned about what they are doing and what we are jointly working on the North. They are our biggest neighbor. We are in a defensive political alliance with the United States through NATO but not with Russia, said Solberg. 

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