Young Hackers Charged with Vandalism in Norway

Three young men have been convicted for aggravated criminal damage on these websites after web attacks in spring of 2012, writes Aftenposten.

The attacks had halted access to the sites for hours. One of the attacks was aimed at DNB Bank and had stopped both banking and all other online services of the bank.

The three hackers were exposed by the hacker community Anonymous, who announced their names. When the police went to arrest the first attacker, a 20 year-old IT student, he was caught in the middle of the execution of a new attack.

It was also revealed that he had contact with one of the other attackers via Skype while the attack unfolded. 

Lower Raumarike District Court acknowledged all three guilty and charged with the provision of coarse vandalism. All three will serve their punishment through community service, respectively 85 and 87 hours, and 14 days, as none of them have been convicted before.

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