Halal Reindeer Meat to Bring Christmas Tradition to Muslim Houses in Norway

Harry Dyrstad, owner of specialist wildlife abattoir Vilteksperten, introduces halal reindeer meat with the help of a certified halal butcher.

The producer will send the meat to the shops around the country but the special meat product attracts the interest from as far afield as Dubai, and he is looking forward to bringing reindeer to other Muslim markets.

Reindeer meat is popular across Scandinavia and is served in many homes as part of Christmas dinner. Thanks to this new product in the market, Norwegian Muslims will now be able to take part in this well established Scandinavian Christmas.

‘It is going to be exciting to see how Muslims receive the taste of reindeer. This is a completely new halal product that many Muslims have not had tasted before,’ Mehtab Afsar, General Secretary of the Islamic Council of Norway, told to Trondheim-based newspaper Adresseavisen.

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