Sweden Monitors Mobile Traffic in Norway

Today, Conservative politician attends a meeting in the European Parliament in Brussels on behalf of Parliament. The meeting deals with a major investigation of the electronic mass surveillance of European citizens in the wake of revelations of Edward Snowden.

During the meeting, Tetzschner said to to Norwegian daily Dagens NƦringsliv that he is deeply concerned about the development. He notes that neither public nor politicians have known enough about the monitoring capabilities.

– Norwegian communication infrastructure is structured in such a way that other states can gain access to the Norwegians communication, according to Tetzschner.

Full Access to Norwegian Communication system

Sweden decided in 2008 that Fƶrsvarets (Defence) radio institution (FRA) has full access to most of the Norwegians communication content that pass the border.

Most of the Norwegian telephone and data traffic between Norway and abroad goes through Sweden.

Tetzschner shows that the government now has established dialogue with Sweden to discuss the topic further. 

– We will ensure that traffic between Norwegian citizens does not fall under Swedish surveillance. Although we have common infrastructure, Sweden can not take liberties that are in violation of Norwegian law, he said.

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