Breivik Supporter Twitter Account Stirs Debate on Hate Speech in Norway

Nettavisen writes the user wrote his first twitter message on 9 September. In the field where the twitter user describes themselves, @NegerJeger writes, “# White Resistance Telling the truth about muslims / niggers / leftists.” The profile picture is a drawing where Breivik kills African and Muslim children. The account also publishes racist messages about Muslims and people of African origin in Norway as well as supporting twitter messages for Anders Behring Breivik.

Nettavisen blogger Elisabeth Norheim is among those who reacted to the twitter account strongly.

– Only the top picture on the account, which is a drawing of Breivik who shoots many non-Western look children, is scary enough. I do not know where to begin. Remember that there are many more in Norway who have been killed by right-wing than those who have been killed by radical Muslims. So we have every reason to be afraid of it, she says.

She also notes that she has been very active in social media since 2007, and amazingly enough, the tone of debate has become much worse after 22 July.

– Social media is flooded with people who write extremely hate speech and get away with it. Why did not we learn anything from 22 July? Is this really the way Norway honors the Utøya youth who were killed because of their opinions?, adds she.

Attorney John Christian Elden also reacts to the twitter account. Talking to Nettavisen, Elden says it is incomprehensible why these statements are not prosecuted by Norwegian Security Service(PST), even though they are usually more attentive to other extreme cases.

– This kind of extremism is certainly more threatening and harassing. A selective freedom of speech is a threat to democracy, he added.

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