Swedish Journalist Enrages Norwegians Calling Selfish and Rotten

Fadakar describes Norway as a a selfish country that treats the poor like animals. He also writes that Norwegian society is rotten and is particularly concerned that the Progress Party (FrP) has taken over the government power, writes VG. 

As a response, Norwegian journalist and author Ă…sne Seierstad and Bergens Tidende culture editor Hilde Sandvik wrote that the Swedish social media expert and journalist has created a wrong image of Norway. 

They accused Fadakar of bringing disjoint quotes from different Norwegian politicians to verify his claims. 

One of the strongest criticism came from Norwegian author Aslak Nore. 

– I have rarely seen a less intelligent social commentator than this Swedish @ ehsanfadakar. What an ignorant idiot crown” , tweeted Nore to her more than 26,600 followers on Wednesday night.

The Swedish journalist reacted strongly to the claims: 

– We are sitting here on network TV and works for online newspapers, but do they ask not trust what you read online, he said to VG. 

He also rejected the claim that he misquoted out of context. 

– I do not need to defend myself, but I have many friends in Norway and I have been in Norway many, many times, he says. 

By reminding FrP politicians’ previous statements on immigration issues, he suggests that racist are in Norwegian government. 

– We have also racists in Sweden, but their racists are in government, says Fadakar. 

After the controversial criticism, Swedish journalist and social media expert has received thousands of emails from Norwegians. 

Talking to VG, Fadakar said If he had not done that, they would never have had the debate about racism in the Norwegian government and everyday racism in Norway. 

Aftonbladet journalist also says that he is concerned of how Norwegians handle criticism from the outside so badly. 

Aftonbladet reported that they invited FrP leader Jensen and other members of the party to participate in debate but none of them had an opportunity to join.

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