Crocodile Sausage at Narvesen Stirs Up Norway

On Tuesday, Narvesen  started sale of crocodile sausages at around 60 outlets around the country. 

The chain store presented the exotic product in Norwegian potato-cake (lefse) and bread. However, the new product does not make every one excited, writes  the Norwegian finance newspaper Dine Penger. 

The company confirms that the crocodile meat comes from a breeding farm named Padenga, located in Zimbabwe in Africa. The farm accounts for a third of the world crocodile meat.

However, its promotion aroused reactions among animal welfare organization considering hunting and slaughtering methods used in the exporting country.

– Poor conditions at animal farms are well known, especially in distant lands. Slaughtering methods may be applied under a completely different set of rules compared to the rules in Norway. These are industries that are not controlled by the Norwegian Animal Welfare Act, says Linn Krogstad from  Dyrebeskyttelsen organization.

Narvesen’s communication manager Ida Håvik , however, suggests that sausage manufacturer has received evidence that the health of crocodiles has been looked after well in the farm.

She maintains that the farm in Zimbabwe was chosen because it addresses all standards required internationally for breeding of crocodile, and because they deliver a product of very high quality.

Currently, crocodile sausage is sold for 39 NOK, which is relatively expensive for Narvesen fast foods, because the purchase price of one kilo of crocodile meat exceeds up to  450 NOK (75 USD). 

– It is definitely expensive meat, and we do not project high profit. We periodically promote products which provides our customers to try an exciting and different experience, even if we do not necessarily earn that much, says HĂĄvik to Dine Penger.

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