Norway’s New Government Will Be Stricter for Private Schools

Conservative Party and the Progress Party will introduce a new private school regulation where religious or educational alternative requirement will not be mandatory to open a school. 

– But there is no deregulation. We aim for a more rigorous practice for approval of new private schools than second Bondevik government, says Røe Isaksen to Aftenposten. 

He noted that they will not allow private schools, if the establishment will have negative consequences for the local schooling. 

Isaksen also said their most important plan is to empower teachers in the public schools. 

– There is no reason why Norway cannot be at the top of the international school rankings, says the fresh minister, pointing to Finland, located in the top of the international rankings. 

– There is no reason why we should have worse conditions than the Finns. We must have the ambition to have the world’s best schools and be best in the world, he says. (Aftenposten/NTB) 

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