Norway to Tighten Terror Law

In May, the previous government had proposed several amendments in terror law. New regulation was suggesting to make punishable all kinds of preparations, training, and actively participation in terrorist organizations.

The most important change in the legislation was making punishable the suspects in preparation. Accordingly, anyone who receives instruction in methods and techniques to carry out terrorist acts was to be punished. By the current law, only those who provide such training can be sentenced. 

Former Justice Minister Grete Faremo had also proposed to criminalize participation in terrorist organizations, even if individuals have no criminal involvement.

The list of these measures had provoked strong reactions in different environments. Liberal Party leader Trine Skei Grande had accused Faremo for indiscriminately to have copied Police Security Service’s arguments in the draft legislation. 

She had also warned that Norway can end up with laws prohibiting citizens’ thoughts and stamps anything as a crime such as purchasing rubber gloves and wire cutters. Both the U.S. and the UK have introduced emergency legislation after being subjected to terror, but they later regretted, she said.

Then the proposal had been rejected by the parliament. However, the new justice minister Anundsen signals that they will introduce several of the suggestions in the rejected proposal again for discussion.

– I’ve already asked the Ministry to look at this again, says Anundsen to Aftenposten.

He suggests that the framework of the current terror law is not compatible with the new situation. Therefore it is important that we look through this to make the legislation better, says Anundsen.

Justice Minister also noted that they should look at prevention in a broad perspective and collaborate with other departments. We are working to renew and improve the action plan to prevent radicalization and violent extremism. It is a priority of the Ministry, said Anundsen.

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