Government Increases Subsidies to Reduce Poverty

Accordingly, activity grants and subsidies for the purchase of sports and leisure equipments will be increased to 45 million NOK with almost a hundred percent increase from the previous year. 

Talking to Aftenposten, Labor Minister Anniken Huitfeld says this change may influence the poverty statistics but it would have been improper use of medication to use the money to improve the poverty rates, because it would counteract the work line. 

Huitfeld now invite to a bipartisan cooperation with the incoming government , with the goal of finding an accurate definition of poverty that all can agree on. 

She proposes to apply the same system that Denmark and EU have recently introduced. Today, the EU and OECD defines the poverty line, and they operate at different levels. If one is to follow the EU definition, a family with four children is supposed to earn above 685,000 NOK.

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