Researchers Sought to Project Norwegian Welfare State

The Norwegian Embassy in Madrid invites researchers and research institutions to undertake a project project to examine the European welfare state challenges and sustainability, based on Norwegian and Spanish experiences.

Expert group will consist of up to six researchers with the Norwegian and Spanish welfare model as a specialty, half of which will have particular expertise in the Norwegian welfare model, and the other half is required to have particular expertise in the Spanish welfare model. The project will culminate in the publication of between 50 and 100 pages.

The purpose of the publication group to design is to go in depth on the Norwegian and Spanish welfare model, as well as promoting Norwegian-Spanish debate on trends and the future of the European welfare state.

As a part of the project call, the Norwegian Embassy wrote on its official website that they encourage individuals or institutions interested in accepting the assignment to submit a project proposal containing:

a) The names of the experts who will provide the group with up to three participants from each country, as well as the CV of maximum 1 page each.

b) Short description of the project proposal (maximum 1-2 pages) and how the experts’ expertise in this area is thought utilized.

c) Budget proposals for the costs of implementing the project, including fees for participants in the group of experts, travel expenses and any other expenses. The embassy will arrange for the printing of the publication, and any costs of translation. 

Project proposals should be sent only by e-mail @ with “Participation of experts” in the subject line.Proposals must be sent to us no later than 18 October 2013 (until 24:00).

On the basis of the proposals, the embassy as soon as possible choose a researcher or research institution to implement the project based on an assessment of the project’s content, participants’ expertise, feasibility and cost. The embassy will have dialogue with the most appropriate candidates for the implementation and expert composition. All projects will get a feedback. 

It is taken for the sake of the reservation that the embassy also get approved financing for the parts of the project that must be charged to fiscal year 2014. 

Questions about the project can be directed to the Norwegian Embassy in Madrid c / Ministers Lars Andersen (lars.andersen @ / +34 91 436 38 40 / +47 23957202).

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