4 Moments Proving Norway Has the Coolest Royal Family in the World

Unlike other royal families, Norwegian royal family has a very high approval rate. It is no surprise majority of Norwegians would say their own Royal Family is way cooler than any other. Here are four moments proving why.

Norwegian prince shows off his royal dab move:

The Norwegian royals celebrated their 80th birthdays two years ago. From the balcony on the royal castle in Oslo, prince Sverre Magnus (11) showed off his dab during the celebrations.

Crown Prince Haakon dances freestyle for his father’s birthday

On father’s 80th birthday celebrations Crown Prince Haakon sang Norwegian birthday song with the crowd. He was not shy to show his excited dancing skills.

King Harald V of Norway trolling his wife on live TV and laugh about it like teenagers

It is very rare to see this human side of royals. But for Norwegian royal couple who seem so happy and in love after all this years, showing it is not a shocking moment. They are so natural that King Harald can call Queen Sonja ‘a troll’ to her face and both laugh like teenagers about it.

Inclusive and hearthful speeches

Beside these funny moments, King of Norway warms hearths with his epic speeches. In one one of them, he gives a speech to his 1500 guests at his garden party Thursday 1st of September 2016. Followed by a huge debate on migration politics, he describes what becoming Norwegian is. For him, to be a Norwegian is a very diverse thing disregarding religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation. The King’s message is that we have to take care of each other.

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