New Oil Discovery Becomes a Hope for Environmentalists in Norway

Yesterday, Statoil (OSE:STL, NYSE:STO) Canada and co-venturer Husky Energy have announced that the first Bay du Nord exploration well has discovered between 300 and 600 million barrels of oil recoverable.

After the discovery, Norway’s environemntal organisation, MiljĂžstiftelsen ZERO  hopes it will be easier for the new government to say no to oil drilling in Lofoten and VesterĂ„len.  

The organization expects new oil discovery with great potential can remove some of the pressure to start oil exploration in Lofoten and VesterĂ„len. – There should be an easier decision for politicians to say no to oil exploration in VesterĂ„len and Lofoten, when Statoil makes so many great discoveries in other places, says the organization’s leader Marius Holm. 

He believes that there is no more business reason to look for new oil in the north now

– There should be a comprehensive environmental policy assessment on the basis for how to handle Lofoten and VesterĂ„len, says Holm. 

Statoil is however do not agree with Holm’s assessment and says to NRK that the discovery in Bay du Nord outside Canada is not an argument against exploration on the coast of Nordland and Troms. 

– We need to search and find more oil resources to meet the world demand for oil, says spokesman Bard Glad Pedersen in Statoil. He confirmed that the company still wants an environmental impact assessment for the area outside Lofoten and VesterĂ„len. 

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