2013 Rafto Prize to Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR)

The 2013 Rafto Prize recognises an organisation that has worked for the rights of Bahraini citizens and the many migrant workers in the country. BCHR has promoted non-violent protests against the current government and used digital media to spread its message in a very effective manner, wrote the prize committee.

When the Arab uprising broke out in February 2011, tensions quickly increased in Bahrain. Maryam al-Khawaja, acting President of BCHR, calls what is happening in Bahrain ā€œthe inconvenient revolutionā€ and points out through her Twitter account and numerous press reports that human rights also apply to the Gulf and to everyone, including women, minorities and migrant workers.

The protests continue today. The announcement of demonstrations on 14 August 2013 led to arrests prior to the demonstration, blockades in certain areas.Ā 

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