Skin Cancer Skyrockets in Norway

Number of Norwegians who were diagnosed with skin cancer has increased by 27 percent in the period of 2007-2011 compared with 2002-2006, according to the new figures from Kreftregisteret.

Secretary General of the Norwegian Cancer Society , Anne Lise Ryel think the numbers are both surprising and worrying. Talking to, Ryel believes it is surprising because Norway has been already a world leader when it comes to skin cancer .

– This is not pleasant to learn, and only shows that the situation in Norway is not geting better, says Ryel.

The main reason for the increase is exposure to excessive sun light without protection. We do not fit well enough, we forget ourselves away and can not remember the sunscreens. This is a cancer of many die off and then we try to prevent it, says Ryel.

Stylist and blogger Hedda Skoug ( 30) got a shock when she and a half years ago was diagnosed with skin cancer. Hedda says she did regular tanning since she was fifteen years old. Until she was twenty five she could bask as often as once a week, without thinking of the consequences. After cancer diagnosis , she has completely changed view of sunbathing. Now she uses only self-tanning products and very high factor if she is in the sun .

Health Minister Jonas Gahr Støre ( Ap ) is also concerned. – This is dangerous . It is a dangerous type of cancer and it is time to remind that this can be prevented , says the minister.

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