Fisherman Beat the Record Catching a Giant Halibut

The fisherman initially thought that reeling in the fish felt like pulling in a submarine because of its size. Marco had to ask help from three buddies and it took one and half hour to remove from the water halibut weighing 235.17 kg. The fishermen had to tie the tail of the halibut to the boat and drag the fish to the pier, where it was extracted to the surface by the lifting mechanism.

The previous record was made when the fishermen managed to catch a halibut weighing 190.2 kg. The German has applied for a new record to the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA).

Atlantic halibut is the largest flat fish in the world. The giant fish live in the territory stretching from the Barents Sea to the coast of Greenland. The adult halibut can reach up to 4.5 meters long and 320 kg in weight. The average life expectancy of the fish – 50 years.

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