SAS cockpits paper free with the aid of Norway’s Telenor

In order to reduce administrative and fuel cost and to ease the workday of their pilots, SAS last year initiated a project aiming to reduce the voluminous “flight bags” pilots carry with them on flights. These flight bags contain all the information a pilot needs during flights, such as flight manuals, take off procedures and maps and have till now been paper based, each flight bag weighing 44 kilos.

Project lead by Telenor

Telenor was chosen to head the project aiming to substitute papers with electronically based information. After a thorough evaluation Telenor recommended to use iPads and chose the partly Telenor-owned retail chain Nordialog as the main supplier. So far SAS in Norway, Sweden and Denmark has received 1,600 tablets and broadband subscriptions from Nordialog in Norway.


Included in the delivery is also a Mobile Device Management (MDM), making application rollout and updates easier for the pilots, as well as security solutions that allow a quick remote deletion should a tablet be lost or stolen.

Special apps

The iPads have standard applications and special solutions like weather data, flight manuals and fuel order systems. A particular “Flight Planning Briefing Package” is being updated automatically ahead of each take-off and contains all the information the pilots need for the flight. This replaces the large number of documents that earlier needed to be printed out and taken to the cockpit by the pilots ahead of each flight.

In addition to a much more updated “flight bag”, the weight and space reduction has also been an important cost factor for the airplane carrier.

In constant flight mode

The iPads will be in constant “flight mode” during flights and have been thoroughly tested against any electronic disturbances aboard the planes.

“In close cooperation with Telenor and Nordialog we have managed to develop a very efficient solution where pilots are self-reliant and updates and roll-out are being done automatically. As a result of the weight reduction we will also be saving on fuel consumption. In addition the solution requires little administration,” Ellen Holve, project manager in SAS said.

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