The Norwegian Government Banning Apple to Shoot 3D Map of Oslo

Today it was announced that the Norwegian government has banned Apple’s activities for taking images of the capital of Norway for 3D Flyover feature. Norway’s National Security Authority does not allow necessary shots of the governmental bodies in the country for “safety reasons”. The Norwegian government has officially confirmed the ban on shooting by Apple.

Nokia’s map service has taken 3D-images of only some parts of Oslo. Norwegian companies, including Gule Sider site navigation, was allowed to make aerial photographs of Oslo, but again with some restrictions concerning the government buildings.

How does the data collection for the Apple 3D Flyover occur? The company uses several small planes equipped with modern systems of recording and these aircrafts are flying around the buildings shooting everything in its path. Then the data is transmitted and processed in Apple, after what 3D model map application is formed.

Now Apple makes negotiations through the U.S. Embassy in Norway for the removal of the ban. The oddest thing is that a couple of years ago, Oslo was already filmed for the demonstration of possibilities of C3 Technologies owned by Apple.


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