Piracy is Dying in Norway

For example, music piracy has fallen from 1.2 billion songs in 2008 to 210 million last year. About 60 million movies and TV shows were pirated last year, compared to 135 million five years ago. In short, access to paid content, whether via streaming or a la carte services, is slowly whittling away the impetus to pirate.

In the beginning of July, a brand new law aimed at reducing online piracy were introduced in Norway. The legislation will allow registered anti-piracy groups to pursue individuals sharing copyrighted content. 

The law also allows infringing sites to be blocked at the ISP level. Needless to say, the Pirate Bay is at the top of the list but it’s expected that all major torrent sites will become targets in the months to come, reports Aftenposten.

“When you have a good legitimate offer, the people will use it,” says Olav Torvund, former law professor at the University of Oslo. “There is no excuse for illegal copying, but when you get an offer that does not cost too much and is easy to use, it is less interesting to download illegally.”

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