FpU Wants Hookah Bars in Norway

– We have a very strict anti-smoking law in Norway. I think the law needs to be more flexible, so those who wish to pursue specific creative concepts can be allowed, says the chairman of FpU, says Himanshu Gulati to

He thinks that niche sites should be allowed to serve smoke and tobacco, because people decide if they want to go to these places. I think hysteria goes too far when the tobacco products are banned in all venues, says Gulati.

Many on abroad are enjoying hookahs. I’ve even recently been to a hookah bar in Brussels. I think many people would like to have these places in Norway too, and hookahs are not as dangerous as smoking, Gulati says, and notes the water pipe is legal in several European countries with strict smoking laws.

It’s basically illegal to import water pipe tobacco. The only thing that can change this prohibition is to prove that water pipe tobacco is significantly less harmful than products in the Norwegian market.

About FpU

The Progress Party’s Youth (Norwegian: Fremskrittspartiets Ungdom, FpU), is the youth wing of the Norwegian political party the Progress Party. It is generally considered to be more libertarian than the Progress Party itself. The organization has active chapters in all counties of Norway as well as in over 50 municipalities.

As of 2012, Himanshu Gulati is the organisation’s chairperson. 

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