Socialist Left Party Leader Supports Snowden’s Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

On Monday night, Swedish sociology professor Stefan Svallfors at Umeå University has nominated Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize with a letter to the Nobel Committee.

Nomination received mixed reactions in the Norwegian Parliament, Stortinget. The Progress Party’s foreign policy spokesman Morten Høglund rejected the idea, while SV leader Audun Lysbakken welcomed Svallfors’ proposal, writes Dagsavisen.

– Snowden has opened my eyes to the world of the massive potential for monitoring and its threat to privacy and democratic rights, says SV leader.

Lysbakken says that it is an exciting proposition whether it is realistic for Snowden to receive the prize. But I still think it is positive to mobilize the support to him, says he.

Norwegian peace research institute, PRIO director Kristian Berg Harpviken also thinks that the idea is good. The question is however, what is supposed to be the main point to give the peace prize to Snowden, asks Harpviken.

Harpviken also points out that the deadline for nominating candidates for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize went out on 1 February and therefore he may be considered for next year. Then Snowden case will be old and less interesting that time, he said.

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