Norwegian Women Need to Work More

On average, a woman works 30.5 hours a week in Norway, while a man works 37.2 hours a week. In an interview with the Norwegian News Agency (NTB), Skogen Lund said that only an increase of 3 hours per week would give a value of 3.400 billion NOK – nearly all the oil fund.

– We live on each other’s work. The key to ensure the well being is to have as many as possible at work, she says.

Skogen Lund adds that she is not implying that those who work part time or do not work, do not do something valuable but it is high time to speak these issues.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development study in July revealed that Norway is one of the top OECD countries which has highest gap in economic outcomes for men and women obtaining the same level of education. The gender gap in private net returns is particularly pronounced in Austria, Korea, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States. The difference in net income between men and women is around 145.000 USD. The main reasons for this difference lie in differences in social transfers and unemployment costs between the two genders.

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