The main objective of the investigation is to provide the company with a basis for making further improvements to its security, risk assessment and emergency preparedness.

Since it was established on 26 February, the investigation has conducted more than 120 interviews with Statoil employees, partners in the joint venture, government representatives and other relevant sources.

“We have experienced openness, cooperation and willingness to contribute to our work on all levels in Statoil,” says Hagen.

Report to learn

There are still some outstanding interviews, but the main work of the investigation team is now shifting to the analysis phase. The board mandate gives two main objectives for the investigation:

  • Determine the relevant chain of events before, during and after the In Amenas terror attack
  • Enable Statoil to further improve within the areas of security, risk assessment, and emergency preparedness.

“Through our work we have gotten far in establishing the chain of events at the site. The true measure of success for the investigation team will be if we enable learning and improvement in Statoil,” says Hagen.

The investigation is not undertaken to assign personal responsibility or liability, and individuals will not be named in the report.

“We are concerned with what Statoil as an organisation can learn,” says Hagen.

Visit to Algeria

The investigation team visited Algiers and In Amenas in April, and has also met with government representatives in Great Britain, Norway, the US and Canada.

As provided for in the mandate, the investigation has been supported by an internal resource group of managers and employee representatives.

“This group has provided us with valuable input to our work, and I want to thank them for their contributions so far,” says Hagen.

In addition, Hagen and other representatives from the investigation have regularly met with the group of Statoil employees working at In Amenas to get their input and give updates on the investigation’s work.

The investigation team will work through the summer, and is currently finalising the last interviews.