Norwegian Democrats Nominates Breivik Sympathizer to Parliamentary List

Gilje is on the top of Democrats list in Rogaland. The politician is known with the following statement on his Facebook page after Breivik’s speech on last 22 June:

“I think that Anders Behring Breivik’s speech is absolutely enormous. He is sharp and I support him fully in his views. But of course I take distance from the action.”

Gilje has a background from Norwegian Defence League (NDL), Stop Islamisation of Norway (Sian), the Christian Democrats and the Christian Coalition Party.

Talking to TV2, Gilje says she still supports what she previously said. 

– I think Breivik is sharp, although what he did was insane. There is difference between supporting his ideals and what he did, says she.

About The Democrats in Norway

The Democrats in Norway (Norwegian: Demokratene i Norge, DEM), formerly and commonly known as the Democrats, is a Norwegian political party. The party was established in 2002, chiefly by former members of the Progress Party. Its current leader is Elisabeth Rue Strencbo. The party advocates a more restrictive immigration policy, tougher law and order measures, improved health care and reduction of taxes. The party considers its values to be based on Christianity and Norwegian heritage.

The party has no representation in the Norwegian Parliament, although MP Jan Simonsen (who had been elected with the Progress Party) became aligned with the party upon its creation, ending when his parliamentary term expired in 2005. The party claimed 2,000 members in 2009, and 3,000 members in 2011. As of the 2011 local elections, the party has eight representatives in five municipal councils, and one representation in a county council (Vest-Agder).

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