LHL Wants Sales and Importation Ban on Tobacco in Norway

LHL demands tougher and more effective measures to combat smoking, and for a tobacco-free society.

– Now we must take the consequences of that smoking kills, and prohibit the sale and importation of tobacco and cigarettes, says Frode Jahren, Secretary General of LHL.

5100 Norwegians die due to smoking

Smoking is the major risk factor for both early death and loss of healthy life years in Norway. Estimates from the National Institute of Public Health shows that each year around 5100 people die due to smoking. Hundreds of people die each year from diseases caused by passive smoking. Over 40 diseases, of which about 20 mortals, are directly related to smoking. The main diseases are various forms of cancer, respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Over one million Norwegians smoke

– Tobacco has no health benefits. It is a poison that kills. Had tobacco been an additive in food, it had obviously been banned long ago. The single most important measure to improve public health is to put an end to smoking, says Jahren.

Although the number of smokers has decreased significantly since 1973, smoking is still common amon over a million Norwegians aged 16-74 daily or occasionally.

– We recognize that the fight against smoking has yielded significant results. Tobacco Act has been very important and we are happy for changes to the Tobacco Act, which was adopted on 19 March. Nevertheless, we must adopt stronger measures against the harmful effects of smoking. Prohibition is the only logical answer to the knowledge we have. There are significant health benefits to the individual and economic benefits for society by introducing a sales and importation ban, said Jahren.

About LHL

LHL – The Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organization – is a nationwide interest organization for people with heart and lung disease. The organization has approximately 45 000 members, 300 local chapters and twelve district associations. 

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