Hells Angels of Norway is Oficially Recognized as a Mafia Organization

The members of the motorcycle club Hells Angels are sentenced to between two and ten years’ imprisonment, in addition, the large amount of money seized, as well as several motorcycles and a variety of mobile phones, writes Aftenposten.

The verdict from the North Troms District Court points out that drug crimes were well organized and Hells Angels had a central role:

– The court finds that the group associated with the notorious motorcycle club has played a central role in the organization and implementation of drug delivery,” said the ruling.

The alleged leader of Hells Angels in Norway, 50 years old Ove Jørgensen Høyland from Oslo, was sentenced for both serious narcotics crime, and participation in an organized criminal group. The so-called mafia clause was referred in the case. He had nine years’ imprisonment and two of his motorcycles are confiscated for the benefit of the Treasury.

During the trial, Høyland denied all accusations. He claimed Hells Angels had flat structure and democracy. The 50-year-old also informed that he had no regular income, but works as a money collector and conflict resolution. Such assistance costs approx. 100,000 million NOK.

The court decision is historical in a sense that Hells Angel club was judged with mafia-paragraph for the first time. The extensive police investigation also addressed several other drug cases around the country, where members or sympathizers of the Hells Angels are involved. Both potential suppliers and receivers are mentioned, several witnesses in the criminal case, and several others have already been convicted of similar crimes.

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