Norwegian Security Service Monitors Online Debates Closer

According to TV2’s report, the police have received more than 2,000 complaints about people who have written hateful statements online. Police Security Service (PST) has visited 200 of these. Now they come with a clear warning to incite onlinr debate.

– Those who sit and manifests themselves extremely online should not be surprised if they are visited by officials from the PST, investigationg what they mean by what they write, explains Jørn Presterudstuen from PST.

Several of the persons PST has followed have extreme attitudes towards immigration – often in the form of anti-islamism. Presterudstuen emphasizes that it is allowed to come with opinions that may be perceived as unpleasant and provocative according to free speech but there is a limit to how far freedom of expression goes, he adds.

None of the 200 people that PST has interrogated have been given a sanction. Nevertheless, there are some online debates PST closely continue to follow, according to PST.

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