Experts Warns against Mosquitoes Attack

Due to heavy rains and standing flood water in Easter Norway, Huge amounts of flood water mosquitoes are hatching along the major rivers in Norway. About a week or two, they are ready to attack. It takes a full rain suit to protect yourself because experts say these are the most aggressive mosquitoes out there.

They are emerging this week from standing flood waters, and they are two or three times the size of mosquitoes typical home mosquitoes. One other insidious fact about flood water mosquitoes is they have a gentle bite that you can’t feel, so you don’t know you’re being bitten.

– We should be seeing an emergence of floodwater mosquitoes within the next seven to 10 days,” said insect researcher Reidar Mehl to VG.

Mehl added that floodwater mosquitoes — from the genus Aedes — are also known as “nuisance mosquitoes, (because) they tend to be aggressive biters and they can be very nasty.” But they are not to be confused with the Culex genus of the pests, which carry the potentially lethal West Nile virus.

According to the researcher, floodwater mosquitoes “can lay eggs that literally last for years in grass, and when they’re flooded, you will get a nasty outbreak of nuisance mosquitoes. So we’re going to see an emergence from these hatch-offs in the next few weeks. Mehl estimates that the mosquito will be seen almost everywhere in Eastern Norway including Oslo. 

No Virus Danger

Flood water mosquitoes can transmit dog heart worms, so owners should keep their pets safe. But, these new mosquitoes are no more likely than other mosquitoes to spread diseases.

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